The Amazing Photo Word Cloud Generator

Create beautiful detailed photo word clouds with your images and text! Select your favourite photo, add and style your own text and turn them in a work of art to impress friends and family. The result can be shared as a PNG, JPEG image or even a PDF document to allow for printing at extremely high resolutions.

  • NEW! Order customised products with your word cloud directly from the app (only supported on iPhone)!
  • Create extremely detailed photo word clouds
  • Create your own styled word lists
  • Create your own color palettes
  • Create your own shapes

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Girl with a photo word cloud on canvas






  • Q: Can I sell the images I create with Phoetic?
  • A: Yes, what your create with Phoetic is yours. You can do with that as you please, including selling the images for profit. The fonts and templates included with Phoetic can also be used commercially. Of course the right to sell the fonts or templates separately is excluded.
  • Q: The app crashes sometimes, how can I prevent this?
  • A: Phoetic needs a lot of memory to create the most beautiful word clouds. You can free up memory by closing other apps and/or reduce the output resolution.
  • Q: I want to make a huge print; how do I make my image look good?
  • A: Share the word cloud as a PDF file. This file is stored as a vector image; it can be scaled without the results becoming pixelated. You can directly send this to your printer or export the file as an image at any desired resolution.


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